Freedom in Motion's curriculum is split into 6 skill categories. This article details how to progress and level up into the more difficult higher-ranked sessions.

Ages 4 - 6 Little Jumps

Students age 4 to 6 years old are placed into our "Little Explorers" age bracket. The Little Explorers' rank does not level up. Once students turn 7 they will be placed into our Youth Level-1 sessions. Level one students are able to rank up into higher levels. 


When you took your first parkour session and purchased your membership you should have been given a level-1 checklist (if you didn't get one then make sure you tell your coach at your next session).100% Complete your level-1 checklist. Once a student completes their level-1 checklist, they must only show a coach and they will be automatically promoted into the level-2 rank. Leave an online review of your experience thus far and receive a free level-up shirt!

When students are taught a skill they will receive a signature on their checklist from the coach. This only means they have been shown the skill, but not yet mastered it.
Once a student feels like they have mastered a skill, they can show a coach during an open gym or at the end of a session. to demonstrate their skill. If they pass the coaches's visual inspection, they will receive a stamp on that checklist item.

Get a stamp on all skill boxes on the level-up checklist in order to 100% complete the checklist. 

Level - 2 Through Level-5

Once a student is in level-2 there is now a test required to rank up. Complete your level-up checklist and show a coach to begin booking your level-up testing session. Once you pass this test, you will rank into your next level!