Quick answer: You can refer your friends here on this page! Click This Link.

Referring Friends to Freedom in Motion is an awesome way to spread your love for movement and adventure with your community. Your friends will appreciate your leadership and insider knowledge as you show them how to get started on their parkour journey.

Head to the Refer a friend page and complete the form. Both you and you and your friend will both get $25 in gym credit to get started.

When can my friends come? 

  • Any level-1 session (You may join them for the day, even if you're level 2 or more)
  • During open gym time
  • During parent's Night out or other special events
  • During a camp

Guest Passes

If you're a gym member you get a guest pass once a month. Complete the refer a friend form to bring a new friend. You can use your guest pass AND you both get the credits.