Members at Freedom in Motion get a digital guest pass on their account once a month. You may use these passes to bring a friend or family member to the gym for certain sessions. This article will detail how to activate your guest pass, and what sessions are eligible for use. 

How to activate the guest pass

  • Brand New Guests: Complete the Refer a friend Form (For new friends) and meet them at the gym
  • They have been here before: Have them register online for the session ( For returning friends) and meet them at the gym. This works because they already have their own account and can sign themselves up to rsvp. 

What sessions can I use a guest pass for?

you may use your guest pass in any of the following session types. 

  • Level-1 or little jumps sessions
  • Open Gym Sessions
  • Parent's Night Out events

Other Information

Guest passes if unused do not roll over, so be sure to use them each month for any friends you want to inspire to also start doing parkour. Guest passes can not be used for full camp packages or certain special events like one-day camps unless given specific permission. Guest passes have no cash value.