Freedom in Motion has a competitive team that works with our coaches in order to get prepared to compete in the various parkour competitions that take place around our region during the first half of each year starting in January with Freedom in Motion's very own in-house New Years Competition. 

Parkour competitions?

One is able to treat parkour as a non-competitive solo sport or choose to compete in competitions! Most competitions are open to all skill levels and ages. Often times beginners can enter beginner categories and compete amongst their peers! High-level athletes can face off to test their skills. There are a few formats for how to compete in a parkour competition. 

  • Speed: Who gets through the designated courses with the quickest total time.
  • Skill: Who can complete the most challenges with the best technical ability. Most points win.  
  • Freestyle: Who can make the coolest freestyle line within the given course in 30 seconds. Scored by judges.
  • Tag: What team can rack up the most points evading the other team in the given course. 

What is the Competition Team at FiM?

Level 3, 4, 5, and Lv 6 students are able to join the Freedom in Motion Comp Team. FiM Coaches can pick to have a small focused team of students (usually 4-10 students) who are interested in one of the competition formats and sign up with the coach who specializes in that format. Sometimes one coach will pick two formats, like pairing speed and skill together since athletes often choose to compete in both of these events.

The coach will set days and times each week for the competitive team to gather and have some serious focused training in order to prepare to compete and do well at local competitions. The vibe and intensity of these competition practices are more serious and rigorous than our typical weekly parkour sessions. 

Families work closely with their coach in booking the location and time of their weekly sessions. The coach may occasionally choose to train outdoors or at times when various spaces in the gym are available for team practice. 

Competition Day Logistics

FiM's Comp team coaches will be on-site at the competitions to help coach and support their students. Students are required to transport themselves to each competition location. Freedom in Motion will pay for a competition team member's competition entry fees! Parents/students pay on their own on the day of the event and FiM will reimburse the funds back to you later via account credit, which you can use towards future bills.

The specific schedule of anyone competition will be posted by the hosting organization and will be shared with FiM families by your comp team coach well in advance. Competitions typically last for 4-6 hours. 

Team Jerseys

Freedom in Motion will be providing team jerseys! Each jersey will have the competitor's name on the back. Must register on the competition team by Nov. 15 to have your jersey in time before the first competition in January. 


Only current Freedom in Motion members may participate on the competition team. Adding competition team practices and all the other benefits is an additional $45/week on your existing membership. 

  • Bronze + Comp Team   $39 + $45 = 84/week    (2 sessions a week, one being the comp team session)
  • Silver + Comp Team   $49 + $45 = $94 / week    (3 sessions a week, one being the comp team session)
  • Gold + Comp Team    $79 + $45 = $124 / week    (5 sessions a week, one being the comp team session)

Keep in mind that FiM will pay your way to each competition we attend via an account credit after the event. This can sometimes be $75 per competition each month or more. 

How To Register

Level 3 students may contact their head coach to discover who the current competition coaches are for this upcoming season. Your head coach may match you with a coach that meets your preferences and ability. Ask the front desk for support or email us through the addresses listed here on the Contact Us page to connect with our team.