Private lessons are when a gym guest books a coach for some private training time in a one-on-one format or one coach to a small group of students. Private lessons can be booked with most coaches and may take place in the gym or outdoors. If the lesson is in the gym it will need to be booked during off-peak gym hours. 

Small groups may also book a coach to get in time at the gym with a focused curriculum like to practice for upcoming competitions. Other times small groups may book a coach for fun events such as team-building workshops or mini-birthday parties. 

How to book a private lesson

Directly through your favorite coach: 
Email your coach via their FiM work email (usually their first name or by asking your preferred coach when you see them at the gym. Let them know you're looking for a private lesson. From there you can talk about dates, times, locations, what you want your lesson to focus on, and finally that coach's personal training fee. You may want to confirm emails so you can continue the conversation online.

Email the gym office:  

Connect with us via email and let us know you are looking for a private lessons coach. Let us know the following details and we will try and pair you with the best available coach. 

  • Preferred days
  • preferred times
  • What you are hoping to learn or gain from these private lessons
  • Who are the private lessons for (age, experience, other special needs)

Benefits of Private Lessons

Private lessons can be a game-changer for students looking to level up quickly, learn difficult moves, or develop the strength they need to progress in parkour. The one-on-one focused attention you get in a private lesson facilitates an extremely personalized experience. Coaches can help you make progress on your goals by crafting specific progressions, workout plans, and giving highly targeted technical cues.

For students with special needs

Private lessons have proven very effective for students with special needs such as autism or ADHD who would otherwise not function well in a busy group setting. Private lessons are much quieter with less distraction from the surrounding students making it more workable for some students with special environmental or behavioral needs. 


The minimum amount a coach is allowed to charge for private lessons is $70 / Hour or $45 / Half hour. For additional participants in your lessons the coach must charge +$25 per additional student per hour. 

Some coaches have their own personal set rates beyond the gym minimums. Be sure to ask a coach for their pricing and why they charge what they do so you know exactly the kind of coach you're booking.