Watch this video for info about how roll-over sessions work. The video will begin to jump right to the part where jimmy talks about rollover sessions. 

Your membership is billed on a weekly basis and will give you a set number of classes a week. If you don't use all of your classes during that week then up to 1 week's worth of sessions will roll over to the next week. Only one week of rollover class can be on an account at a time even if you miss multiple weeks. If you know you won't be able to make it to class for a short period of time we recommend that you place a hold on your membership for up to three months.

Rollover sessions accumulate on your account automatically. 

You can only have 1 week's worth of roll-over sessions at a time. 

  • Bronze = max of 1 roll-over session can be held at a time.
  • Silver = max of 2 roll-over sessions can be held at a time.
  • Gold = max of 4 roll-over sessions can be held at a time.

Your plan will not automatically pause if you continue to miss sessions. If you will miss more than one week or already have max roll-over sessions, please place your membership on hold. Click here to learn about placing your account on hold. 

How to use your rollover sessions

You may attend any parkour sessions with your rollover sessions. Simply enroll online into as many sessions as you like until your roll-over sessions have been spent. 

Do they expire?

No, they never expire. However, if you cancel your membership they will be lost forever. Additionally, if your membership is

on hold, you will not be able to use any session credits, including roll-over sessions. Keep your membership active and come to additional sessions when you can to use your roll-over sessions.