Before you go, have you considered going on hold?

Members can place their accounts on hold at any time for up to three months. You keep ALL of your sessions and active days of membership. Then you can come back any time to resume or just let us know if you need an extension! Click Here to place a hold on your account!

 Benefits of placing a hold. 

  • Retains your sign up and registration fees you already paid
  • Keeps your progress in our gym curriculum
  • Place a hold anytime you need it! 

Switch to a 6-pack of sessions
If you switch your plan to the 6-pack of sessions, a digital punch card, we can waive the need for the 30-day notice of cancellation. with this, you purchase a one-time pack of sessions and you have the next 6-months to use them! This is $240.  or $40 per session. (Better than the $45 per session drop-in rate!) 

How to cancel your membership

Complete the 3-min Exit survey.
Ending your plan is quick and easy. All you need to do is complete our Exit Survey.
Once we receive it, in 7 days we will set your membership to end before the next billing date. 

Click right here to open the Exit Survey (required) 

Enjoy your final days
Then your membership billing will be set to end 7 days after you give us notice. In most cases, you will have just one more bill, since it will be within the 7-days. Then your plan will end before it bills again that following Monday. Until then, you can continue to enjoy your membership or gift your final days to a friend.
In other words, you have one more bill to go, then your membership ends that next Sunday night.

Be sure to tell your fav coach goodbye!
You will be missed.