We understand you're looking to end your membership. 

We’re devastated to hear that you want to leave us!

Freedom in Motion is committed to improving your family’s health through the power of play. Our curriculum offers serious health benefits like improved strength and heightened leadership skills while also bringing a new sense of confidence to our students.

You came in with a goal...

 …and you found that FiM provided answers to your needs at the time. Would you mind telling us a little more about what has changed since you first came in? Oh no, was it something we said?

Before you go, have you considered going on hold?

Members can place their account on hold at any time for up to three months. You keep ALL of your classes and active days of membership. Then you can come back any time to resume or just let us know if you need an extension! Fill out this form to place a hold on your account. 

If after all you still want to leave, we understand and respect your decision. As stated in the membership terms and conditions, to officially cancel your membership you will need to give a 30-days notice and have an exit interview with one of our staff members. If you don’t complete the exit interview and give 30-days notice, your membership will not be canceled. After you complete that interview, we will then make the necessary arrangements and confirm your account’s updates with you.  

If you still want to end your plan, please call 951-595-5011. Until a call is completed no changes will be made to your membership. Cancellations are not handled over email.

We’re confident that our gym offers increased physical and mental strength for both kids and adults. If you would like to make any changes to the type of membership you have or request financial aid just call or text 951-595-5011