Welcome to Freedom in Motion! We at FiM love Parkour and stand by the numerous mental and physical benefits learning the sport will bring to our students. We're happy to have you join our community. This guide will cover all the basics of getting started with our gym as a new member. 

We’re so happy to see you and your family taking your first steps on your Parkour journey.  To help you get started, we have put together this getting started guide.
If after reading through this guide you still have any questions please feel free to contact us. (Email us best)

What you will learn in this guide

  • How to use our website
  • How our beginner’s program works (Level 1 sessions)
  • What comes after the beginner’s program
  • How to level-up

By the end of the guide, we hope that you will feel prepared to begin participating in sessions ready to connect with the Freedom in Motion community. If at the end of the guide you still have questions, please let us know so we can further assist you and improve this guide for future readers.

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Table of contents

Section 1 | How to use our website

New Members?  If you're new. the best way to learn about our offerings, pricing, and schedule is to hop on the phone with one of our team members. Click here to let us know how to contact you! 

1.2 Claim your account

After you send us your info through the "Try a Class" button on our site, we will create you an account. A welcome email will be sent to you. Find this, and use the link within to claim your account. search "Welcome to Freedom in Motion" if you can't find it. 

1.3 Enroll into a session

Follow this detailed guide to learn more about enrolling in any sessions here at our gym.  

1.4 Seeing the schedule & other events. 

On our website, you can view a location's schedule and other special events they are hosting by doing the following.  1> Click returning students  2> Select your location  3> scroll down to the section you want to learn more about. 

Section 2 | Registering for the Beginners sessions (Level-1)

2.1 How do the beginner sessions work (level 1)?

Classes are 55 mins long. In each class, we will be teaching a variety of fun skills. they will mark off skills students master at the end of sessions. once your checklist is 100% complete the student will automatically rank up into the level-2 sessions! 

2.2 How to enroll in sessions  (+ Charter schools enrolments)
Click here to learn how charter school enrollments work. 

2.3 Make-up sessions

Unused sessions automatically roll over each week. However, you don't get unlimited rollover sessions. Bronze gets 1 at a time, Silver can have up to two, gold gets unlimited sessions. 
If you are about to miss a few weeks in a row, you can place your membership on hold here in this article. 

Section 3 | Level-2 Sessions

3.1 What’s new in Level 2

Harder skills, more complete movements and topics, a whole new level-2 checklist

3.2 How to get better at parkour, quickly

Train parkour often! You can always come to our sessions, open gyms, and special events. We also strongly encourage you to safely train parkour with friends outside at parks or anywhere you find neat obstacles! Please avoid trespassing while finding spots, of course. 

Section 5 | Holds and Cancellations 

5.1 Holding a membership

Need to miss a few weeks? No problem. you can hold your membership and pause the billing for up to 4 months. 
Click here to learn how to place a membership on hold.  

5.2 Notice of cancelation.

If you need info on canceling your membership, you can learn how to submit your 30-day notice here in this article. 

Need Help?

The "Help" area on our website is a super useful place. It's where you're reading this article now! 

Serch for things like "how to X"  or "Hold"  "invite a friend"  and more to see articles on those topics. 

Our Parkour Book

Did you know? Freedom in Motion wrote the book on parkour! Our book, titled “This Is Parkour” combines aspects of parkour training, community, and culture all into one easy-to-read book. If you or someone you love is interested in parkour and wants to dive in deeper, we highly recommend that you begin by reading our Ebook! See it here on Amazon. 

Connect to the local community

Parkour can be a highly communal sport. Temecula Parkour is a local outdoor group composed of boys, girls, men, and women of all ages and skill levels.

PARENTS: Join our community Facebook group and connect with other parents! click here.

Meet locals who want to train parkour with you!
Temecula Parkour Connect (TPKC) is the most popular Facebook group for all locals to plan outdoor free events and share ideas and media. >>Click here<< for a link to TPKC

There is also a local women’s parkour group for women looking to train with fellow athletes. >>Click here<< for the Women’s group

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